Bad Credit Building Credit

Bad credit gets a DO-IT-YOURSELF-Kit and gets the balls rolling. You can go to library and get books that will guide you the steps of repairing your credit. Most libraries allow you to copy and print forms that you must fill out and then send to your credits.

There are guides at your library that has the tools for instructor debtors on how to write letters to creditors; letters are probably better than phoning creditors since some creditors could care less about your situation and may threaten you. Another good reason for writing letters is that is more valuable in a courtroom than a conversation on the phone. If something is said or an agreement is reached, and the creditor later denies his or her claims then you can present this to any courtroom and they will listen to you first.

Any documents that pertain to your credit history should be stored in a safe area. When you send letters to your creditors keep a copy it in a safe area. If you notice any errors on your bills, reports make sure that you contact the professionals and dispute the charges immediately. You have credit cards and used the card to purchase an item or use a service and this person sold you a defective item or else provided bad service, you DO NOT have to make a payment toward the charges.


You do however have to dispute the charges with the services or stores that sold you the product or service. If the sources refuse to give you an item usable or else reimburse you for a service or product you have the right to deny payment.

Once you have disputed the charges with the sources you will then contact your card provider and let them know what occurred. If you are lucky enough to have a credit card with bad credit, use the card to repay your debts and then meet the monthly installments on the credit card. Ironically, you are getting out of debt while going into debt deeper. It is a solution when all else is false.

In other words, if you use the card to pay your debts each month and then pay off your credit cards the following month and then turn around and use the card to pay that month’s bills…

Now you see where I am going. Credit cards have interest rates so the bills each month on the card will increase.

No, Credit. No Problem

I do not need a credit line or credit card; I pay all my bills each month with money. Is this you?

Well then, you have the obvious answer, but what if…

In today’s world, we are moving into an era that requires us to have at least one major credit card. When you phone any business where you have debts, they Will first ask you to pay with it. If you go apply for any credit line you most likely will get a rejection notice in the mail.

Most lenders will not give credit

Most lenders will not give credit to anyone that has no history. The reason is that we are expected to establish a credit line when we are teens, and if we do not the lenders are often suspicious. The lenders do not have an idea and can only base their judgments of you on assumptions.

There are many reasons that lenders will refuse you a loan if you do not have a credit history. The best solution is to start up a line, pay off your dues, avoiding making purchases on items you do not need.

Staying out of debt means regulating your money each month and paying your bills on time.

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